GOCOGOCO traces its history to the Grymes Oil Company, which was founded on March 20, 1940. Mr. Sherwood Exum purchased the company in October of 1963, and renamed it GOCO Oil Company. At first, GOCO managed home heating and commercial accounts and sold gas through small country stores throughout the area, but it sold none itself. Within two years, however, gas pumps were installed at Harris Street and Shadwell, and GOCO started selling retail from the two bulk plants. GOCO was one of the earliest innovators of self-serve gas pumps in the area. In 1985, GOCO diversified when they purchased a service station on Cherry Avenue and converted it into a convenience store. In 1988, GOCO expanded again when they purchased property in Scottsville and opened a convenience store. A few years later, GOCO purchased more property on Harris Street and established a convenience store there as well. GOCO now operates three convenience stores/gas stations and one gas station.

Historic Photo of Shadwell

An early picture of Shadwell, showing the current building in the
background, and the old CSX train station in the foreground.